Jane Turbes: Meeting Challenges Head On

Jane Turbes believes that every new challenge is an opportunity for success. Originally from Southern Minnesota, Jane Turbes has overcome many obstacles over the course of her life, and has met every one with optimism and perseverance, striving to learn from life’s challenges and to prepare for the next hurdle.

Jane Turbes grew up on a Minnesota farm, and was the youngest of eight children. Her experiences on the farm taught her the value of hard work, as well as the importance of tenacity and determination. Diagnosed with diabetes and the young age of 10-years-old, Jane Turbes refused to let the disease dictate which direction her life was headed, preferring instead to apply herself to her education and to the establishment of a professional and successful career.

High school offered Jane Turbes many opportunities to achieve academic success, and through a strong work ethic and an unrelenting focus, she consistently achieved at a high academic level. She then enrolled in St. Cloud State University, undergoing and completing an intense and rigorous college-level curriculum on route to a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. Jane Turbes accomplished her academic goals while simultaneously building the beginnings of a long-standing career in the financial industry. She worked diligently to maintain academic success while simultaneously providing her employer with enthusiastic and skilled service, putting herself through college with the money she earned.

Jane Turbes faced turbulent career beginnings as a female in what is a primarily male dominated banking and financial services industry. Through hard work, long hours and perseverance, Jane Turbes faced down her critics and began her rise to the top of the industry.


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