Jane Turbes: Volunteer

Jane Turbes understands that a community’s strength often depends on the generosity of local volunteers; people who donate their time and effort to support charitable organizations that help the less fortunate. Jane Turbes is passionate about helping others, and is always seeking ways to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Jane Turbes takes the time to make a difference for her local church. She understands how valuable the church is in the lives of the less fortunate, and that the church is often times a family’s lone and most dependable source of relief and support. Jane Turbes also understands that church volunteers are what make their services possible, which is why she is so willing, ready and able to show her support in person as much as she can.

Jane Turbes has also provided consistent support and love for the American Humane Society and the Dumb Friends League. She believes that both organizations continue to make significant strides in the fight to protect the health and safety of animals. She also understands that both continue to offer sanctuary for abused and/or mistreated animals, and that the work of each has gone a long way towards raising awareness and support for the proper care of household pets.

Jane Turbes desires to make a positive impact on her local community, and to provide both local and national nonprofit organizations with the support they need to be successful. She is a devoted volunteer and an indispensable member of her local community. Her unwavering commitment to charity and to support of the less-fortunate help to make her community a better place to live.


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