St. Cloud State University Graduate Jane Turbes

It’s been awhile since Jane Turbes walked through the St. Cloud State University commencement ceremony, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Finance over eight years ago. She is proud to be a St. Cloud State alum, and continues to represent the university with honor and distinction.

Jane Turbes prides herself on her academic accomplishments, of which she achieved many during her St. Cloud State student tenure. She was a dedicated and studious academic, devoting herself to the books, learning and high marks in all of her classes. Jane Turbes received attentive and expert instruction on the worlds of both finance and accounting during her college tenure, and continues to apply the lessons learned and knowledge obtained at St. Cloud State University to the successful completion of professional objectives.

Jane Turbes has demonstrated strong business and finance aptitude throughout her professional career, and has achieved much professional success with the likes of Urban Lending Solutions, Commercial Capital, Inc., Aspen Financial Partners, LLC and most recently with Hammersmith Management, Inc. She represents St. Cloud State with distinction, continuing to not only apply her education towards her career, but to also uphold the values that have made St. Cloud such a stand-out academic institution.

Jane Turbes is now an accomplished business professional, something she owes in large part to the education she received at St. Cloud State University. She has a strong work ethic and stays true to long-held ethical priniciples, values that continue to provide her with professional guidance and direction in her present day position as a Community Manager.


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