Jane Turbes: Sports Buff

Though Jane Turbes maintains a busy, demanding and hectic professional schedule, she still seems to find the time to unwind and relax. She is an adamant and passionate fan of both professional baseball and football, and never misses out on an opportunity to relax and enjoy her favorite teams on either television or in person.

Jane Turbes enjoys the intense and competitive thrill of professional football, and continues to be a passionate and diehard fan of her favorite team. Though she understands that football is a highly-competitive sport, and that every season presents a new set of challenges and possible frustration for her team, she continues to believe in their chances for success, and never gives up on her team, regardless of the situation or the odds.

Jane Turbes is also committed to her family, and will never hesitate to spend time with her loved ones, regardless of her professional obligations. As the youngest of a large Minnesota farm family, Jane Turbes understands how important it is to maintain familial bonds with one’s siblings, which is why she spends much of her free time going on outings and get-togethers with the people she values the most.

Jane Turbes is currently a Community Manager with Hammersmith Management, Inc., a company based in Greenwood Village, Colorado. She is a successful professional charged with the management of an extensive and complex property, and has so far provided admirable service and expert management to her team. Jane Turbes oversees her team with skill, and is determined to make her property one of the most successful in the Hammersmith Management portfolio.


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