Jane Turbes: Caring for Animals

As the owner of two loyal Chihuahua puppies, Jane Turbes understands how important it is to ensure your pets’ safety and welfare. She knows that household pets depend on their owners for love, care and survival, and is committed to organizations that share her values for the humane and devoted treatment of animals throughout the country.

Jane Turbes has been affiliated with both the American Humane Society and the Denver Dumb Friends League, for the most part due to her passionate support of animal welfare and her belief that every pet should never be subjected to the possibilities of neglect, abuse and/or abandonment. She believes that both well-known and respected institutions are committed to the cause of animal protection, rights and care, which is why she has continually shown her support to both throughout the last decade.

Jane Turbes enjoys nothing more than spending quality time with her two Chihuahua puppies, who never fail to provide an endless source of fun and entertainment at home. Each lovable puppy provides her with endless hours of enjoyment and laughter, and have become essential and irreplaceable members of her own family. Jane Turbes is committed to the health and happiness of both animals.

The American Humane Society and the Denver Dumb Friends League take care to give neglected and abused animals sanctuary, and to then connect each animal with a quality and loving family who will be dedicated to the animal’s care throughout the course of its life. Jane Turbes understands the function and necessity of each proud institution, and continues to be committed to each organization’s cause.


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