Jane Turbes: Minnesota Native

Jane Turbes is a long time resident of Colorado but was born in Minnesota to a large family. Orphaned and declared diabetic at a very young age, Jane Turbes is no stranger to making her own way through an indifferent world. Jane Turbes has nearly 20 years of experience in all sorts of financial roles. Currently, Jane Turbes works as a senior underwriter for Urban Lending Solutions.

Before becoming an underwriter, Jane Turbes spent some years real estate consulting at Aspen Financial Partners, LLC. She played a vital role on executive management team in underwriting reviewing, structuring, and approving complex commercial real estate loan applications.

As a real estate consultant, Jane Turbes specialized in analyzing medium to large commercial real estate transactions which included investment properties, multi-family, income producing, hospitality, owner occupied, construction, and land/residential development loans.

She effectively applied in-depth knowledge of credit risk, cash flow, loan to value, market analysis, industry comparison, variable analysis, and review of third-party reports and legal documents. Turbes also recommended process enhancements; trained and led a team in precise and timely review, processing, and preparation of summaries to facilitate the achievement of business objectives.

Jane Turbes is an expert in preparing and delivering strategic investment packages, comprehensive analyses, assessments, internal rate of returns, valuations, market analysis and decisive recommendations on structure, documentation, and requirement levels. All these skills help her succeed in every job she has taken over the years. She views her employment as senior underwriter as another chance to show the financial world all she is capable of.


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