Jane Turbes: Senior Underwriter

Jane Turbes has – over a comprehensive 20-year career – held a variety of jobs in the finance industry. Currently senior underwriter for Urban Lending Solutions in Highlands Ranch Colorado, Jane draws upon her years of knowledge and experience to once again succeed at her work.

Jane Turbes can easily and effectively coordinate and communicate with attorneys, appraisers, surveyors, environmentalists, and title companies for obtaining and evaluating documents. She knows how to write and prepare legal and loan documents. Jane ensures quality throughout all transactions by training and mentoring staff in reviewing loan files and handling confidential data, among other tasks.

The main reason Jane Turbes is so good at what she does is because of her prior experience. For example, during her role as a Senior Analyst at Commercial Capital, INC., Jane fueled bank profitability by developing and managing $200MM 100-client loan portfolio across a comprehensive assortment of commercial, executive, and consumer loans. Jane Turbes further promoted full range of bank products and services, drove end-to-end loan processing from origination through closing for a wide variety of commercial and residential loans, and performed extensive credit analysis and accurately assessed and determined credit risk on loans.

Jane Turbes knows her way around subjects such as extensive credit, cash flow and financial analysis, market analysis, feasibility, risk analysis, pro- formas and due diligence. There is no doubt that Jane Turbes can easily and capably handle any role she is given in a financial or management capacity.


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