Jane Turbes: The Youngest of Eight

Jane Turbes is a farm girl turned financial genius. Born in Minnesota as the youngest of 8 siblings, Jane Turbes thanks her family for her work ethic and loyalty. Currently, Jane Turbes works as a senior underwriter for Urban Lending Solutions in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Over the course of nearly 20 years, Jane Turbes has held a wide variety of positions in the finance industry.

Jane Turbes has done everything from credit analysis to real estate financing. Along the way, Turbes gained valuable experience in credit risk, underwriting, real estate transactions, loan documents, residential mortgages, investment properties, loan servicing, construction loans, due diligence, title insurance and more. Basically, Jane Turbes has every skill needed to be successful in a financial career.

Jane Turbes prides herself on the kind of informed decision making that drives growth and change. She is success driven, and has proved her worth in leading financial services enterprises.

Jane Turbes credits her success to strong attention to detail and dedication to quality assurance and client service. Her well-developed interpersonal and problem-solving talents for presenting and negotiating profitable solutions have made her a sought-after team leader. Jane Turbes is and always has been committed to setting and achieving high-performance standards while managing and training teams and discretely handling multiple concurrent projects in a high-productivity environment.

In her time off, Jane Turbes enjoys volunteering her time at the Animal Humane Society and Dumb Friends League. Jane loves animals and owns two Chihuahua puppies that she considers part of her large, close-knit family.


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