Jane Turbes: A Diverse Set of Skills

An underwriter’s job is complex. A person must have experience in a wide variety of fields and have a diversified set of skills if they are to succeed as an underwriter. Jane Turbes works as a senior underwriter at Urban Lending Solutions in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, where she utilizes her experience from a 20 year period in the finance industry.

As underwriter, Jane Turbes is responsible for verifying documents from client and confirm customer income calculations. Underwriters have a specific method to adhere to, which includes investor guidelines to complete Verification of Income related tasks. If further information or documents are needed, the Underwriter works with client’s staff to obtain them.

Jane Turbes is experienced in using the verified income to perform the loss mitigation treatment eligibility analysis, which is done via client provided proprietary tools. Each investor and loan type will have different modification eligibility requirements that may include, but are not limited to debt-to-income ratios, unencumbered/ surplus income amounts, property occupancy status, reason for default and required financial documentation.

As senior underwriter, Jane Turbes is successful because she possesses a certain set of characteristics. Turbes is responsible and capable of working independently as well as part of a team. The job position requires someone discreet, as underwriters deal with confidential information on a daily basis. Jane Turbes manages dozens of projects simultaneously and is able to handle a heavy workload. Her excellent organizational abilities come in handy for this very reason.


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