Jane Turbes: Community Manager

Community managers have responsibilities to the home owners, to the management and to various other stakeholders. As all stakeholders have different priorities and concerns, it is difficult managing conflicting issues – but it can be done. Jane Turbes, as the community manager at Hammersmith Management, Inc. in Greenwood Village, Colorado was one community manager who was able to keep all parties happy.

As the Community Manager, Jane Turbes facilitated, advised, educated and assisted the Board of Directors, their Committees, and Home Owners. Turbes was responsible for the daily management and operations of the Association’s business. She was to manage day-to-day operations, administration of the community and all common area property.

With her financial background, Jane Turbes soon took over the coordination and management of all activities pertaining to finance, planning, analyzing of financial reports, and operations budgeting while also monitoring and managing safety, maintenance and community services.

Moreover, Jane Turbes helped in conducting research and managing special projects as directed by the Board of Directors. She became efficient in reporting to the Board of Directors on all issues that may affect the community.

Jane Turbes worked long days, and usually evenings, to perform site-inspections of properties. All residents knew that Jane Turbes was always available, only a phone-call away.

It is easy to see why Jane Turbes has been so successful in every professional role she takes on. Her excellent work ethic, integrity and professionalism can serve as an example to other managers.


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