Jane Turbes Continues to Show that Hard Work Pays

In traditionally male-dominated sectors like engineering and finance, women can sometimes find it hard to fit in, let alone compete. However, times are changing, and many women are accepting the challenge. They show that by working hard, they can make a name for themselves and earn the respect of not only their male counterparts, but of industry peers as well.

Fresh out of college, Jane Turbes’ first two jobs were in the banking sector, with Farm Credit Services in St. Cloud, MN and Sheland National Bank in St. Louis Park, MN. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Finance, she went in with an open mind and a desire to work hard and get her career on track. Having grown up on a farm setting during her childhood, she was no stranger to hard work. This quality would soon show in her work as she was able to show management and clients that she was more than capable of handling the demands of the jobs and handle accounts.

Having to work twice as hard as her male counterparts has helped Jane Turbes develop into a model female business professional. She has earned the respect and admiration of her peers. Working currently as an underwriter for Urban Lending Solutions has her putting her skills and experience in matters such as cash, credit analysis, budgets, and loans to great use.

Jane Turbes has no qualms about the path her life took, and is always looking forward to the next challenge that will help her grow even more.


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