Jane Turbes: Overcome Challenges in Life

It’s a well-known fact that life is not always smooth and pretty. Sometimes there are bumps and roadblocks on the way to achieving success. Everyone has challenges of their own, says Jane Turbes. But rather than allow these challenges to block you from moving forward, use them as stepping stones.

Orphaned at a young age and diagnosed with diabetes, Jane Turbes encountered obstacles much earlier in life than many people do. She would have thrown her hands in the air and give up, but she fought through the challenges to emerge as a very successful senior executive in the finance field. Overcoming these early obstacles didn’t come easy. For that, Jane Turbes has some advice for those looking to get past challenges of their own.

Believe there is a solution

The biggest to overcoming a challenge is to believe there is a solution. You might not have an idea at the moment, but if you adopt that mentality, the battle is half-way won. Many times what people believe to be insurmountable requires you to step back and critically analyze the situation, says Jane Turbes. Where there is a will to find a solution, she adds, one will surely emerge.

Avoid self-pity

Jane Turbes could easily have wallowed in self-pity in her childhood. But she didn’t, and advises against thinking in the line of “Why me?” or “Why now?” Self-pity is a dangerous habit to adopt, and handcuffs one’s ability to rise and fight through the negative feelings.


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