Jane Turbes: Tips for Purchasing Property

For many people, investing in property ranks as one of the most important financial decisions they will ever make. And it is as purchasing property is a serious investment that must be taken seriously. Whether you have the funds to purchase outright or are looking to secure mortgage financing through a lending institution, it is important to make wise decisions during this process. Having worked as a real estate consultant at one point in her career, Jane Turbes has helped many clients secure properties. She offers a few insider tips for those looking to make future property investments.

Get your financial ducks in a row

Before you make the decision to purchase, make sure you can actually afford the place. This means being realistic with the finances you have as this will enable you find a property within your means. Should you require additional financing, look into reliable mortgage providers who will help you acquire a reasonable loan for your property. On your part, make sure your credit history can stand up to intense scrutiny, advises Jane Turbes.

Beware additional costs

For the purchase process to complete, there are usually numerous costs associated. It is always good to read the small print, says Jane Turbes. Such fees include legal fees, land registry fees, bank transfer fees, among many others. These small costs are usually separate from the cost of buying property; include them in your budget, so you are not surprised once they have to be paid.


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