Jane Turbes: Excel in the Finance Field

Over the course of nearly 20 years, Jane Turbes has gained extensive experience in the finance industry. Her first engagement was as a loan officer, which she appreciates as having introduced her to a fast and challenging field of finance. Over time, she has taken on multiple other roles, including real estate consultant, credit analysts, loan processor, and her current job as an underwriter for Urban Lending Solutions (Highland Ranch, Colorado). To have made a successful career for herself has seen Jane Turbes work diligently on improving her skills, and she shares her thoughts on this.

Key skills to possess

A finance professional has to love numbers, since a good part of the job requires working with figures. Base knowledge of areas like auditing, taxation, accounting, costing, financial modeling and preparation of financial statements has to be at your fingertips, says Jane Turbes. Depending on the sector, you can work on acquiring other skills such as credit analysis, underwriting, deal structuring, project evaluation, mergers and acquisition, among others.

Non-financial skills

In addition to financial knowledge, you require other non-financial skills to excel. While working in a large company or a small firm, you will have to interact and coordinate with other workmates and clients. Good communication skills, both written and oral, are required. So are problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which will help you make wise decisions, adds Jane Turbes.

Personal traits

You have to display confidence and professionalism. Being organized is a plus, as is the ability to be self-motivated and timely.


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