Jane Turbes: Work as an Underwriter

Currently working as an underwriter at Urban Lending Solutions in Highland Ranch, Colorado, Jane Turbes is a perfect fit for the job. Her 20 extensive experience in the finance industry and passion for the work make her a valuable and respected employee. As she has come to learn, the job is filled with numerous responsibilities, which she has to understand in order to perform at high standards.

Underwriting is a job that requires the holder of the position to display great knowledge of the job-specific skills. Jane Turbes is a highly motivated employee and fast learner. As a young college graduate working as a loan officer, she displayed a knack for going the extra mile. This desire to learn more enabled her to take on numerous roles in her career, all of which is a big advantage in her current position.

One of the things that make Jane Turbes appreciative of her job is dealing with clients and investors. Many are the times that investors have turned to her for financial advice, which she has gladly provided. As an underwriter, she has to understand investor guidelines in order to walk clients through the mortgage process. This often requires the ability to simplify things for clients, who have no obvious knowledge of the process. It might seem daunting, but Jane Turbes handles it with pride.

When she’s not busy at work, Jane Turbes loves to hang out with family and friends. Keeping a healthy work-life balance is important she says as it enables one to prioritize right.


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