Jane Turbes: Work as an Underwriter

Currently working as an underwriter at Urban Lending Solutions in Highland Ranch, Colorado, Jane Turbes is a perfect fit for the job. Her 20 extensive experience in the finance industry and passion for the work make her a valuable and respected employee. As she has come to learn, the job is filled with numerous responsibilities, which she has to understand in order to perform at high standards.

Underwriting is a job that requires the holder of the position to display great knowledge of the job-specific skills. Jane Turbes is a highly motivated employee and fast learner. As a young college graduate working as a loan officer, she displayed a knack for going the extra mile. This desire to learn more enabled her to take on numerous roles in her career, all of which is a big advantage in her current position.

One of the things that make Jane Turbes appreciative of her job is dealing with clients and investors. Many are the times that investors have turned to her for financial advice, which she has gladly provided. As an underwriter, she has to understand investor guidelines in order to walk clients through the mortgage process. This often requires the ability to simplify things for clients, who have no obvious knowledge of the process. It might seem daunting, but Jane Turbes handles it with pride.

When she’s not busy at work, Jane Turbes loves to hang out with family and friends. Keeping a healthy work-life balance is important she says as it enables one to prioritize right.


Jane Turbes: Excel in the Finance Field

Over the course of nearly 20 years, Jane Turbes has gained extensive experience in the finance industry. Her first engagement was as a loan officer, which she appreciates as having introduced her to a fast and challenging field of finance. Over time, she has taken on multiple other roles, including real estate consultant, credit analysts, loan processor, and her current job as an underwriter for Urban Lending Solutions (Highland Ranch, Colorado). To have made a successful career for herself has seen Jane Turbes work diligently on improving her skills, and she shares her thoughts on this.

Key skills to possess

A finance professional has to love numbers, since a good part of the job requires working with figures. Base knowledge of areas like auditing, taxation, accounting, costing, financial modeling and preparation of financial statements has to be at your fingertips, says Jane Turbes. Depending on the sector, you can work on acquiring other skills such as credit analysis, underwriting, deal structuring, project evaluation, mergers and acquisition, among others.

Non-financial skills

In addition to financial knowledge, you require other non-financial skills to excel. While working in a large company or a small firm, you will have to interact and coordinate with other workmates and clients. Good communication skills, both written and oral, are required. So are problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which will help you make wise decisions, adds Jane Turbes.

Personal traits

You have to display confidence and professionalism. Being organized is a plus, as is the ability to be self-motivated and timely.

Jane Turbes: Tips for Purchasing Property

For many people, investing in property ranks as one of the most important financial decisions they will ever make. And it is as purchasing property is a serious investment that must be taken seriously. Whether you have the funds to purchase outright or are looking to secure mortgage financing through a lending institution, it is important to make wise decisions during this process. Having worked as a real estate consultant at one point in her career, Jane Turbes has helped many clients secure properties. She offers a few insider tips for those looking to make future property investments.

Get your financial ducks in a row

Before you make the decision to purchase, make sure you can actually afford the place. This means being realistic with the finances you have as this will enable you find a property within your means. Should you require additional financing, look into reliable mortgage providers who will help you acquire a reasonable loan for your property. On your part, make sure your credit history can stand up to intense scrutiny, advises Jane Turbes.

Beware additional costs

For the purchase process to complete, there are usually numerous costs associated. It is always good to read the small print, says Jane Turbes. Such fees include legal fees, land registry fees, bank transfer fees, among many others. These small costs are usually separate from the cost of buying property; include them in your budget, so you are not surprised once they have to be paid.

Jane Turbes: Overcome Challenges in Life

It’s a well-known fact that life is not always smooth and pretty. Sometimes there are bumps and roadblocks on the way to achieving success. Everyone has challenges of their own, says Jane Turbes. But rather than allow these challenges to block you from moving forward, use them as stepping stones.

Orphaned at a young age and diagnosed with diabetes, Jane Turbes encountered obstacles much earlier in life than many people do. She would have thrown her hands in the air and give up, but she fought through the challenges to emerge as a very successful senior executive in the finance field. Overcoming these early obstacles didn’t come easy. For that, Jane Turbes has some advice for those looking to get past challenges of their own.

Believe there is a solution

The biggest to overcoming a challenge is to believe there is a solution. You might not have an idea at the moment, but if you adopt that mentality, the battle is half-way won. Many times what people believe to be insurmountable requires you to step back and critically analyze the situation, says Jane Turbes. Where there is a will to find a solution, she adds, one will surely emerge.

Avoid self-pity

Jane Turbes could easily have wallowed in self-pity in her childhood. But she didn’t, and advises against thinking in the line of “Why me?” or “Why now?” Self-pity is a dangerous habit to adopt, and handcuffs one’s ability to rise and fight through the negative feelings.

For Jane Turbes, Underwriting is the Perfect Challenge to Overcome

For nearly 20 years, Jane Turbes has had extensive experience in the financial sector. She has worked for a variety of financial institutions in various capacities, and along the way, gained extensive and invaluable knowledge. Thus, when her career took her to Urban Lending Solutions in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, she welcomed the next challenge with arms wide open.

As an underwriter, Jane Turbes is responsible for a multitude of responsibilities. She has to understand investor guidelines well in order to guide clients through the mortgage application process. She is responsible for verifying client information and income, two crucial aspects that play a huge role in the overall process. Where further information is missing, it is upon her to liaise with clients to obtain it.

Underwriting is not an easy job. In addition to the job-specific skills and knowledge, one has to possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. The ability to work with minimal supervision is essential, as are great organizational skills, ability to handle heavy workloads, adapt to frequent changes, and ability to keep work-related information confidential.

Jane possesses all these, plus more. Her upbringing on a farm in Minnesota honed in her a strong work ethic, not to mention responsibility. As the youngest of eight siblings, learning to work with others was essential. So was working independently, as she was able to stand on her own through college and graduate.

Having just started working as an underwriter in July 2014, Jane Turbes looks forward to where this position takes her, and the opportunity to do what she loves.

Jane Turbes: From Farm Girl to Finance Professional

Growing up on a farm in southern Minnesota as the youngest of eight children, Jane Turbes developed a strong work ethic from an early age. Her parents passed away while she was still young, and she has had diabetes since she was ten years old. It wasn’t easy, but these experiences would set the foundation of hard work and determination that Jane would require to become a financial genius she is today.

Over the course of nearly 20 years, Jane Turbes has gained extensive knowledge in the finance industry. Through her experience with various financial institutions, she has worked in credit analysis, real estate transactions and development, mortgage processing, underwriting, loan servicing, investment properties, among many others. Her work as a loan officer right out of college allowed her to taste the business environment that she would work in for the rest of her career. Her early work experiences taught her what to expect, and so far, she has put that knowledge to great use.

Jane Turbes credits her upbringing to the strong work ethic she displays every day, as well as helping her make wise business decisions. Over the years, clients have come to rely on her informed decision making when choosing investment plans or allowing Jane to run million-dollar portfolios.

To be a successful business professional, Jane Turbes has learnt the value of providing quality customer service, in addition to growing her communication and interpersonal skills. Dealing with client is not always easy, but Jane has managed to cater to each of her client’s requirements, in the process becoming a valuable leader and professional both at the workplace and in the community.

Jane Turbes Continues to Show that Hard Work Pays

In traditionally male-dominated sectors like engineering and finance, women can sometimes find it hard to fit in, let alone compete. However, times are changing, and many women are accepting the challenge. They show that by working hard, they can make a name for themselves and earn the respect of not only their male counterparts, but of industry peers as well.

Fresh out of college, Jane Turbes’ first two jobs were in the banking sector, with Farm Credit Services in St. Cloud, MN and Sheland National Bank in St. Louis Park, MN. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Finance, she went in with an open mind and a desire to work hard and get her career on track. Having grown up on a farm setting during her childhood, she was no stranger to hard work. This quality would soon show in her work as she was able to show management and clients that she was more than capable of handling the demands of the jobs and handle accounts.

Having to work twice as hard as her male counterparts has helped Jane Turbes develop into a model female business professional. She has earned the respect and admiration of her peers. Working currently as an underwriter for Urban Lending Solutions has her putting her skills and experience in matters such as cash, credit analysis, budgets, and loans to great use.

Jane Turbes has no qualms about the path her life took, and is always looking forward to the next challenge that will help her grow even more.